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 19-03-2018 "Global stabilisation of continuous bioreactors: tools for analysis and design of feeding laws", AutomaticaVolume 89March 2018, Pages 340-348

This work revisits the dynamic behaviour of stirred continuous reactors in which a single bioreaction with unknown kinetics occurs. Conditions on the feeding strategy to avoid washing out the biomass and falling in batch operation are obtained. These conditions derive in a closed positively invariant region including the desired operating point. It is stated that no closed orbits may exist in this region and, furthermore, that no fixed point exists but on one of its borders. Therefore, global stability is achieved by finding a feeding law that fulfills the aforementioned invariant conditions and gives a single equilibrium for a first-order dynamics. These results are useful to determine the stability properties of different control laws and, more importantly, to design new ones. The main advantages of the proposed approach are its simplicity and that, differing from previous results, input saturation does not affect stability results. The potentiality of the developed tools is illustrated by means of classical and novel feeding laws.