iGEM 2015 Jamboree

27/09/2015 Valencia_UPV team members are doing a great job at the iGEM 2015 Jamboree

Valencia_UPV team's project, AladDNA, is having a very good reception at the iGEM 2015 Jamboree. The project develops a light-based decoder that allows a plant seedling to express one out of a set of proteins encoded. 

The students are quickly learning to present and defend their project, and also had time to know some of the Synthetic Biology pioneers, like Tom Kinght.  Still waiting for the final presentation of the project we already can say that both the poster, and the great Minecraft application developed by the team, SynBioCraft, are a success. SynBioCraft is a game for learning synthetic biology, directed to people  at all ages and formative backgrounds. The game was presented during the special worshop on planst synthetic biology co-organised by Diego Orzaez, one of the team instructors.

Valencia_UPV igem 2015 team