Sexy Plant finalist and public prize at ClimateLaunchpad

15/09/2015 The Sexy Plant project gets the public's prize, and finalist among 800 projects at ClimateLaunchpad final in Amsterdam.

The Sexy Plant, a start-up originated from an idea presented by the UPV team to the IGEM competition last 2014,  uses synthetic biology as a means to creat plants producing insect pheromones as an alternative to pesticides in the fight against pests.

ClimateLaunch pad is the largest European competition on business ideas for clean technologies. It is promoted by Climate-Kic, and initiative of the European Union.

The start-up is composed by three young UPV students, Alfredo Quijano, Alba Rubert, and  Alejandra González. You can watch the Sexy Plant presentation at, and an interview to Alfredo Quijano at