PhD defense

15/09/2015 Next September 29th 2015 Ana Revert will defend the PhD thesis Robust strategies for glucose control in type 1 diabetes

The main objective of this thesis work is to provide the scientific community with strategies that add robustness to the glucose control of type 1 diabetic patients, especially in the postprandial period. The search of this objective has lead to a set of results:

  • Review the characteristics of DM disease and its impact in the patients and in the world-wide health system.
  • Review the therapies that are currently applied to counteract the effects of DM, the main challenges that still remain unsolved and the lines to improve the performance of the glucose control algorithms already present in literature.
  • An strategy to improve open-loop glucose control in the postprandial period.
  • An strategy to improve close-loop glucose control adding robustness against uncertainty in the parameters and in the measures.