Observers for specific growth rate in fed-batch bioreactors

 In this research line modified second-order sliding mode observers are designed for signal reconstruction in bioreactors. They have been specifically designed to estimate the ​specific growth rate of microorganisms based on biomass measurement. All batch, fed-batch processes, and continuous process applications are considered. The observers design design is not based on any model for the kinetics of the reaction, which may be monotonic or not. Just an upper-bound on its time derivative is required to tune the observer parameters.

These observers are equivalent, after some coordinate and time scale transformations, to the so-called super-twisting sliding algorithm, thereby inheriting its attractive features. In contrast with continuous observers, perfect tracking after finite convergence time can be achieved in the absence of noise, whereas chattering caused by noise is substantially reduced in comparison with con-ventional sliding observers. This theoretical property, i.e. finite time convergence, is very attractive in real-world control applications since the separation principle can be applied to design observer and controller independently.

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